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Driving growth for small to middle market businesses

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We help US companies expand with alternative capital solutions. Small to mid-market enterprises significantly impact the American economy. We are committed to aiding the growth of this sector with transparent, accessible financial solutions. Strategically applied financial support can be a vital tool for business growth. We are here to carefully guide you through the process.

Our Solutions
Revenue-based Financing

Secure a revolving working capital line of credit or traditional term loan with terms up to 48 months at industry-leading rates. No collateral required.

Start-up Funding

Raise capital for your new venture with non-dilutive financing and personalized guarantor term solutions tailored for entrepreneurs.

Asset-based Financing

Access affordable financing solutions secured by assets such as equipment, accounts receivable, invoices, real estate and more. 

SBA/USDA Programs

Long term business and real estate funding with SBA and USDA programs offering working capital, business acquisition and equipment financing.

Our Solutions


At EB Capital Solutions, we are dedicated to uplifting small to medium-sized businesses, the backbone of America, driving 44% of U.S. economic activity.


The small to middle market is an underserved yet crucial sector. We believe that supporting this segment will fuel America's growth. With efficient and transparent access to financial resources, entrepreneurs can launch new ventures and elevate existing businesses to new heights. Our mission is to provide the financial support necessary for this sector to thrive, benefiting the entire economic cycle.

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Traditional banks will always play a pivotal role in the backing and general well-being of our economy. However, we believe the key to unlocking exponential growth for the small to middle market lies in bridging the gap between Main Street and Wall Street.


The financial system is evolving, becoming more inclusive and accessible. Private lenders and capital firms are leading this transformation by establishing more personal, direct lending and capital-raising relationships with small to middle market businesses. This symbiotic relationship is fostering a cycle of growth and mutual benefit. By supporting small to middle market businesses, we are not only helping individual entrepreneurs thrive but also contributing to a more robust and dynamic economy.


At EB Capital Solutions, our mission is to help facilitate these connections, ensuring that growth and prosperity are within reach for businesses of all sizes. We are committed to driving innovation and collaboration, paving the way for a future where financial inclusivity fuels economic expansion.

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